Visa Appeals

Visa Appeals

If you have had your UK visa refused do not give up you may have right of Appeal.

You can get refusal for number reasons often because of simple mistakes. These might include an error of law or error of fact. For example failed to follow the home office rules guideline or failed to provide sufficient documentary evidence.

We know the visa application and appeals process inside and out and we can represent your appeal However the time limits apply to lodge an appeal we have extensive experience lodging UK visas and refusal appeals, giving you the best possible chance of success and entry /extension visas in the UK

Please note on 19 December 2011 the UK government’s Ministry of Justice brought in new charges for some asylum, immigration and visa appeal and introduced new procedures for submitting appeals against refusals.

How we can help?
Please call today and book appointment if you have following questions in your mind:-

  • Do I have right of appeal?
  • Is there a time limit to lodge my appeal?
  • Can I lodge late appeal?
  • How do I make an appeal and where will it be heard?
  • How much does it cost and do I need an Immigration Adviser?
  • Who decides the outcome of an appeal and can the decision be challenged?


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