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Transparency pilot opens financial remedies proceedings to media

Financial remedies proceedings will be able to be reported on in three courts in the latest move to improve transparency in the family court. Journalists and legal bloggers will be able to report on financial remedies proceedings in the Financial…

Supreme Court finds AI is not and never was an inventor for patent purposes

The Supreme Court has upheld that an artificial intelligence program cannot be named as the ‘inventor’ on a patent application. Today’s judgment in Thaler v Comptroller-General of patents, designs and trade marks follows an attempt by computer scientist Dr Stephen Thaler to…

Lawyers must email ahead to enter Old Bailey under new security measures

New security measures will require legal professionals wishing to enter the Old Bailey to email the court a pre-attendance notification, it has been revealed. On City of London Police advice, the court said today that court users, including counsel, clerks,…

Land Registry assurance check ‘will not shift liability on to conveyancers’

Automation work to speed up HM Land Registry applications by cutting down the number of checks that caseworkers have to do will not shift liability on to conveyancers, the organisation has insisted. Land Registry has been piloting a ‘lawyer assured…

Children fall victim to growing crisis in family courts

Rising backlogs in the family court system continue to delay justice for families and children. New quarterly statistics published by the Ministry of Justice today (21 December) show a growing crisis in the family justice system, warns the Law Society…

Surge in suspects needing police station advice as duty solicitor numbers continue to fall

Legal aid statistics for July to September 2023 have been released today (December 21). The statistics show that the number of times a suspect receives legal help from a solicitor in attendance at the police station has increased from 133,982…

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